Soap N Suds Self Service Car Washes Salem and Keizer Oregon

Soap -N- Suds Self Service Car Wash
2 Easy Locations: Salem & Keizer

Soap -N- Suds Self-Serve Car Washes are the BEST place for the Do-It-Yourself customer to wash and vacuum a car, van, truck, RV, boat or equipment!

We pride ourselves on maintaining clean and well-kept facilities that provide hot water and specially formulated and environmentally friendly soaps and polishes formulated for the Northwest. Instructions for washing are posted in each bay to help in the correct washing procedure, ensuring your finished wash is the best it can be.

      270 LANCASTER DRIVE NE   SALEM, OR 97301
     3825 RIVER ROAD N.   KEIZER, OR 97305
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  • 8 Wash Bays
  • 8 Vacuums
  • 2 Vacuum/Carpet Shampoo/Spot Remover Combo
  • 1 Air Filling Station
  • 5 Wash Bays
  • 6 Vacuums
  • 2 Vacuum/Carpet Shampoo/Spot Remover Combo
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Our two locations are open 24 hours a day and feature bright, safe lighting on the property as well as in each wash bay and at each vacuum stand. We also accept credit or debit cards!

Our vacuums are Adams Super Vacs®, absolutely the best commercial vacuums available. They are 3-motor vacuums providing great suction for vacuuming the interior of your vehicle.

Each location has token machines that accept United States currency up to $20 bills, and provide tokens that can be used in any of the wash bays, vacuums or vending machines. We also accept credit or debit cards – instructions for use are clearly posted.

Our Vending Machines Have Those Final Touches For Your Car

Carl B Klean Self-Serve Vending Machines
  • ArmorAll® Protectant Spray Bottle or Sponge
  • ArmorAll® Multi-Purpose Cleaner Sponge
  • Glass Cleaners – Sprays and Wipes
  • Just for Leather Cleaner Sponge or Conditioner Sponge
  • Simoniz® Spray Cleaners, Protectants and Wipes
  • Micro Fiber Towels
  • Blue and White Extra Absorbent Cloth Towels
  • Little Trees® Car Fresheners
  • Specialty Car Fresheners

Wash Tips

  • Apply each function in the order presented on the bay menu
  • Soap your vehicle from the bottom up. That way you know how much you’ve done
  • Rinse from the top down
  • Wash your car often – it’s easier to clean
  • Protect it! The more protection you have between the clear-coat layer and the elements, the better for the paint


Soap -N- Suds
Two Locations
270 Lancaster Dr NE Salem      3825 River Road N Keizer
(503) 798-0871  Questions and Concerns